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The best side of chick flicks

The best side of chick flicks Posted by on Aug 23, 2016

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The Vegan alternative for gelatin is her...

The Vegan alternative for gelatin is here Posted by on Oct 14, 2016

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The best side of chick flicks

Quite truly, it is a little hard to define the chick flick genre but mostly movies with this moniker do have some common characteristics. It seems that they appeal mostly to women, probably to the younger generation; they concentrate on strong female characters in romantic or familial relationships.

The best of chick flicks

Genre or no some of the best chick flicks are those that you would like to see a hundred times and can actually recite line by line. They are for sure the most watchable movies of all time.

The best of chick flicks list has to have Titanic in it. The tragedy that strikes the love birds Jack and Rose makes the best of us weep. This list should also definitely include Beaches, Steel Magnolias and Thelma and Louise. How can you leave out The Notebook? One thing to note in is that these chick flicks are definite tearers. Nobody can see the final scene of The Notebook’s last scene without exhausting a tissue box.

chick flicks

Their funny side

Contrary to what most might think, chick flicks are not always dramas. The best of them have also tickled you to the core. Romantic comedies or what we like to call rom coms like Harry met Sally and Bridesmaid are a lovely example. The movie Bridesmaid touched the crude, rude side of women and yet was socially accepted and also managed to be hilarious and popular.

If you look at the list of these chick flicks you would see women singing out their hearts, women bonding and probably having a heart break just because they are the only person who’s dressed up as a bunny. Chick flicks are everything from swooning romances to tear jerkers to even funny classics like Clueless.

It is the perfect way to have a girl’s night with a touch of tears and laughter. They might be called sappy, but what a way to spend the night!

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The Vegan alternative for gelatin is here

There are several components that are essential for thickening and gelling varied substances. One of them is carrageenan which is an extremely beneficiary additive in food items, medical items and so on. This has been derived from a specific species of the seaweed which is known as Irish Moss or the carrageen moss. This has been prevalent in Ireland and has been used as gelatin. Apart from this, it has been highly used as a home remedy for treating colds and coughs. There are two distinct forms of the additive. One being the food grade and the other is the degraded.

what is carrageenan

What is the concern?

There are some concerns regarding the safety of its consumption. It should be noted that the degraded one has been found as being harmful, and not its counterpart. Both the counterparts comprise distinct qualities, yet they are often been mistaken as being associated to one another. For those of you wondering what is carrageenan, it is basically an ingredient that is been derived from seaweed. It works wonders as a thickener for food items in addition to other capabilities. It has further been evaluated by experts in food industries and been marked as safe for consumption.

Demand been growing

It is though a completely unfamiliar name, but is harvested from natural source. The extraction is usually performed by boiling in a gentle and non-acidic broth. Further it is filtered and milled into fine powder for use in food items. The process is extremely simple and is done with proper care and concern. It also comprises of formulas that can be added to baby food and be safe for consumption. It has been found that the formula has had positive impact on the particular food product. This multifunctional ingredient is greatly used in the processed foods for gelatin, thickening and stabilizing. Its demand has been only growing with the need for ultimate convenience.

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Wear comfortable jeans with cool style

The skinny jeans are being worn by every woman on earth. But now it is time for you to do something that is out of the line and that is sure to get a lot of attention. Yes just go opposite-opt for the flare jeans.

If you find it hard to believe then you must know that the flare jeans are making a big comeback because of all the good reasons.

  • The flare at the lower leg is comfortable to wear unlike the skinny jeans that constrict the legs and its muscles.
  • The flare adds to the height of the person wearing them and this is the reason that one who is short in height must opt for these jeans.
  • The flare is coming back in trend as more and more celebrities all around the globe are sporting it.


flared jeans


Flare was never gone

The flare in the pants was first introduced in the 1960s and since then it has stayed in some form or the other. There was never a time that flare was gone completely. In fact it was re introduced in the fashion industry with a big bang in the 90s and is still here making its stylish mark.

Other forms of loose fitting jeans

These days, other forms of jeans such as boot cut jeans and the boyfriend jeans are also becoming popular. The flare in the boot cut starts a little lower while in the flare jeans it starts at the knee. The boyfriend jeans are loose jeans and are also creating stirs in the fashion industry as many women like the comfort they provide.

The summers are especially uncomfortable for the skinny jeans and for such seasons it is stylish as well as comfortable to wear the jeans with a good amount of flare.

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Use of Synthetic urine to pass drug screen checkups

Oct 04, 16 Use of Synthetic urine to pass drug screen checkups

If you are seeking for an alternative to pass the urine test, Synthetic urine is regarded to be a safer bet. With the presence of real urine composition, it enables people to pass the urine drug screen in an effective manner. By simulating most chemical and physical composition of real urine, they are widely used among most people who are held under various drug screen checkups and tests that are necessary for professional purposes.

Whether you are at school or undergoing a physical test for an upcoming sports tournament, such synthetic urine is said to be of great support to most interested buyers who wants to avoid giving their real urine to the testing labs for fear of fraud. Another major function of synthetic urine is to calibrate different urine testing equipments.

Presence of natural elements in Synthetic urine

Since it is not possible to have a fresh supply of real urine every time an equipment is being tested, it is the presence of fake pee that comes of great help in such times. Most lab tests urine under several criteria like pH, temperature, uric acid, urea and nitrate and others.

Synthetic urine

By ensuring the right concentrations of natural elements present in real pee, such synthetic urine is said to be quite significant in recent days. The elements which are present in genuine urine, be it hormonal testosterone and estrogen, vitamin B12 and others also adds to the natural composition of fake urine.

Safe use and application

As it a common practice for most companies to test their employees for drug test, the safe use and application of synthetic urine has become much effective in recent times. Besides its use as an alternative medication and for different cosmetic purposes, synthetic urine is also used as a reliable agent for diaper testing.

Such type of high quality synthetic urine is available on both online and local medical stores. With the least amount of hesitation and doubt, people are able to pass their drug tests with the use of Synthetic urine and without any complications.


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Wedding packages Dublin to make the day memorable

Wedding days are always special for everyone in his or her life. It comes once in a lifetime so it is very essential that one enjoys it in a right way. People have a lot of ideas to celebrate their wedding days. Some of them want to nave a perfect destination wedding whereas others want to get the best dress so that they look like a princess on their special day. However, people have real lack of time that forces them to have a typical casual marriage that only ends up after a few ceremonies. However, now with wedding packages there is opportunity to maximize the level of joy. One gets a chance to easily fulfill their fantasies without worrying about huge expenditures and wastage of money. Wedding packages Dublin provides the best online wedding package that helps in creating a fabulous wedding without any stress and hassles.


wedding packages Dublin


Offers made by Wedding packages Ireland

The packages that are provided have a huge array of different slots that are prepared to make a perfect wedding. Venue, decors, music, dresses; even the transportations are also exclusively selected so that the wedding can be grand and extraordinary. Special care is taken to make sure that there are no issues from the client. Moreover, these packages are very beneficial as you need not to take a break from work, you can just sit at home and enjoy your wedding. The wedding planners will do all the task on your behalf.


Help provided by online portals

Websites provide lot of deals for their customers to give them a special feel on their wedding day. Wedding packages Ireland is the best that one can come across in recent times. There are huge discounting deals that one can avail on various packages. There is easily accessibility of all these packages on online platforms, you just need to contact with them and avail the best offer according to your choice.

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Mac users need BlueStacks to download whatsapp for pc

Sep 14, 16 Mac users need BlueStacks to download whatsapp for pc

With the development of time and technology, new software and applications are coming up each day. The most popular app in this regard which has taken the current age into storm is Whatsapp. Like all other social media platforms, this instant messaging app has gained popularity among its users since its very inception. At present people are considering this to be the best app to get connected with their near and dear ones throughout the world. Hence, gone are those days when you had to pay huge call charges to get connected with your childhood buddy staying abroad.

Good news is you can use Whatsapp now on your Mac PC by downloading software like BlueStacks 2. This is a new updated version of Bluestacks which help people to download whatsapp for pc.

download whatsapp for pc

Whatsapp for Mac PC users

If you have already downloaded whatsapp on your windows PC, you will know the process. For a novice, downloading the same onto your Mac computer is easy. The first thing that you must do is download the Bluestacks Android emulator app available for free in its official website. Once you click on the download link available there, the process of downloading and installation will take place almost automatically. Once BlueStacks 2 gets installed, you just need to type ‘Whatsapp’ in the search box provided and get it downloaded. This makes it clear that whatsapp download for pc is a simple process once you have BlueStacks.

Whatsapp for pc is your alternative

Once Whatsapp is downloaded on your computer, you need to go through an on-screen instruction to get the same installed on your Mac pc. Once that is over, you will be free to use Whatsapp on your Mac. You will be able to enjoy all the advantages offered by Whatsapp on your PC. So, by installing whatsapp for pc you now have the option to keep your use of the app unhindered even if your data pack is exhausted or your phone is broken.


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Practice well to master Love yourself chords

Known essentially as a westernized concept, learning chord progression and technique demands years of dedication and hard practice. As it is not easy for a person to gain specialization in the complex chording techniques, someone who has managed to attain some knowledge are considered to be successful in the vast world of music. The talented and famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber has played an active role in bringing the significance of chords into the forefront. Be it in popular country or rock style, chords are mainly seen to appear in triads. His Love yourself chords are the best example in this regard.

Unique Love yourself chords pattern

Love yourself chords

For a novice, each of Bieber’s popular songs has the value to teach song writers numerous high quality chords and complicated techniques. The composition of the Love yourself song is not only simple but also has some repetitive elements which are lovable enough for any listener. Love yourself chords start with D minor progression with diatonic chords. This is generally a slow song as it is written in a narrative style. With the inclusion of chords it appears harmonic according to traditional music techniques. The element which makes this song stand apart from others is the content and freshness. Composed by the singer himself there are no complex musical elements and captures the innocence of the song perfectly.

Learn chord progression online

Numerous online portals and platforms are there which helps song writers and young music lovers to browse through chord interpretations of their favorite songs. This helps the user to learn any chord easily and get well acquainted with the nuances involved. So, people can see both the lyrics and Love yourself chords to coordinate the same using musical instruments. Moreover, the chords act as great learning material for novice song writers.

So, it time to earn fame and love by playing top songs of famous singers. Just browse a platform online and learn complex chord techniques.



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The New Social Media kik! Against the old ways

In the older times, if you wanted to know a simple thing about your friends life, like how are they doing or will they be attending a certain festival you are planning to attend or any other major or minor detail that may be of importance or just a social curtsy, then you could have had to wait for days to get an answer. People use to write letters, and then first wait for the letter to be picked up by the post and then wait for the response from the receipt. This long process could have easily taken days if not weeks. But, given the era it was acceptable, as most people use to live a laid back life, where hurrying was even considered bad form in some social circles.

kik login kikbase

What if someone wants to play laid back today?

With the change in time the perception and introduction to messaging apps like kik. the feelings about the laid back attitude in your responses has also changed. Today, if someone tries to experiment, even if just to see how life was back then, and follows the old ways of laid back attitude in day to day things, like by not showing enough urgency towards their work, that is of high priority, they could be labeled as lazy and slow to work with. They can even end up losing their job or missing out on growth opportunities because they are not fast enough, translating it into not competent enough.

Worst, in today’s world, when people can chat on their smart phones through messaging apps like kik, that allows you to send an instant message to your friends, if they don’t respond a timely manner, they can be branded as antisocial, or their attitude could easily be mistaken as not interested in staying friends and a platitude of other things.

Whereas the person concerned was only following the old ways and being laid back just like his ancestors.


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