Bounty hunter metal detector

Jan 01, 17 Bounty hunter metal detector

One of the stylish metal detector device is Bounty Hunter. All metal detectors are not used for the security purpose. This kind of detectors isthe best metal detector which is suitable for detect the metals in the park, your backyard or  in the beach.

What is Bounty Hunter Metal detector?

It is the stylish equipment used for detecting a coin sized objects, deep 6’’ and for larger one is 2’. It has a unique facility like automatic tuning and ground balance to adjust the device. It is the best metal detector because it never gives any false alarm when using it for searching the minerals. It has a control box, by using the knob of that box you can easily adjust its sensitivity levels. A trash eliminator facility is also available for distinguish against unwanted metals with the signal strength. Anyone can set manually the distinguish dial,the person who recognise the noises and bit experienced.

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  • It carries headphones and a 1/8 headphone jack which gives you theprivacy when you are searching for your coins.
  • It is easy to set up and use.
  • This device has no display, but it is really useful in hunting.
  • It is ideal for the children because they have no enough time to look into this kind of details.
  • It is suitable for the teenagers and beginners also who don’t have any problem with this missing display screen.
  • It is also useful for locating missing wedding bands.
  • It is the very low budget product so you can get this as the pocket-friendly equipment.
  • This lacking display screen is good for some users who doesn’t want any unnecessary digging up of trash.

It is really very useful to search the coin sized objects, also it is the best metal detector recommended for the beginners.

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